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TV-22 Viscometer


Peningkatan efisiensi pengukuran merupakan tujuan utama dalam pengembangan viskometer digital ini. Hasilnya adalah suatu instrumen yang dapat menangani dengan mudah bahkan yang paling canggih dan menuntut tugas pengukuran memerlukan fungsi seperti "Multi-range", "diprogram pengukuran ", dan" thixotropic koefisien pengukuran ". Dengan akurasi yang tinggi, unggul daya tahan, dan efisiensi yang luar biasa, Model TV-33 merupakan yang paling dalam suatu viskometer digital.


  • Torque balance servo system
    The TV-22/33 employs the "zero method" of measurement structured on a torque balance servo system. Normally found in upper-end rheometers, this system provides for a wide dynamic range, superior linearity, and multi-range capability. Multi-range function The TV-22/33's multi-range function permits a single model to cover a wide range of measurement compared to conventional type viscometers. One Model TV-22L/33L, for example, provides measurement ranges from "M" to "5M" while the Model TV-22H/33H covers measurements over the "H" through "U" ranges.
  • Zero • span setting function
    Calibration allows the viscometer to be used at accuracies higher than catalog values and compensates for unit-to-unit variances.
  • Programmable measurement function (TV-33)
    The instrument provides programmable measurement capability involving a maximum of 40 speed step changes (up to 5 pattern settings).
  • Thixotropic coefficients measurement
    function (TV-33) This function calculates and displays the ratio of two viscosity values as measured in the programmed measurement mode. (rotation speed can be freely set)
  • Pivotless mechanism
    A pivotless arrangement which employs a flexible hinge (flat spring coupling) replaces the traditional pivot and jewel bearing mechanism. This eliminates parts wear and insures that the instrument's high initial repeatability is maintained over time.
  • Omni-directional external force limiter
    Excessive external forces acting on the rotor connection are isolated with the aid of an omni-directional external force limiter which protects the inner mechanism for greatly enhanced durability.
  • Autostop function
    Measurement is automatically terminated at a prescribed time or when the liquid measured attains a preset viscosity. (manual measurement mode only)
  • Remote control function
    To start and stop the main unit can be operated by outer signal (dry contact). And Using out put signal (open collector), the situation of viscometer can be confirmed by buzzer and lamp.
  • Preheat function
    Viscosity measurement can be automatically started at a preselected time to allow for a preheat "waiting" period.
  • One touch rotor mounting
    A rod insertion system is employed which simplifies rotor mounting and removal compared to conventional threaded methods (Model TVB-22/33).
  • Data interchangeability
    Data is cross compatible with that of Model B (spindle type) and Model E(cone-plate type) viscometers, DV-100/DV-200 digital viscometers and Model R viscometers. Related standards: ISO2555, JIS7117-1 (Model TVB); ISO3219, JIS7117-2 (Model TVE); etc.
  • Temperature measurement function
    Temperature probe-equipped models are available. The cone plate type can measure the temperature of circulating water in a sample cup.
  • Data recording
    A calendar is mounted in the main unit. Data, measuring date and starting time can be documented using a printer (option) with digital output cable (option) connection or pen recorder, etc., with an analog output cable (option).


TV-22 Rotation speed (rpm) 0.5←→1←→2.5←→5←→10←→20←→50←→10 0←→2←→4←→10   
19 steps
TV-33 Rotation speed(rpm) 0.5←→1←→2.5←→5←→10←→20←→50←→100←→ 2←→4←→10←→20   
21 steps
TV-33 Program steps max. 40 steps
TV-33 Program patterns max. 5 patterns
Accuracy less than ±1% of full scale * Note 1
Repeatability less than ±0.2% of full scale
Using temperature range 10~60°C
Temperature probe (option) thermoresistance (Pt100), 3 wire, Class A
External output digital output RS232C
analog output viscosity : 0~1.0V (load resistance above 10kW)
temperature : 0~4.0V (load resistance above 10kW)
Input signal Measuring start signal (dry contact)
Output signal On measuring, Buzzer, Measuring stop (Auto stop mode) Open collector
Ambient temperature range 0~40°C
Ambient humidity range less than 90% RH (non-condensation)
Power input AC100~230V±10% 50/60Hz
(however, rated voltage of standard accessory power cable is AC125V) * Note 2
Power consumption less than 30VA
Wetted parts SUS304/303 stainless steel
Dimensions W290 x D300 x H430mm
Mass spindle type : Model TVB approx. 8 kg (incl. stand)
cone plate type : Model TVE approx. 9 kg (incl. stand)


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