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Stroboscope | LS-18-LED


The new model LS-18-LED Linear Strobe is designed for fixed-mounting on a wide variety of machinery and for various visual inspection tasks. It utilizes 200 high-performance LEDs arranged in a 25 x 8 array to produce a bright/sharp image with a uniform light distribution for web widths up to 20" (500mm) and wider. For wider coverage, two (2) or more Strobes can be combined in a Master/Slave arrangements using an interconnect cable to transfer the trigger signal from one to the other for perfect synchronization.

The LS-18-LED uses the industries latest high performance LEDs to provide lifetime use, never requiring replacement. Their whisper-quiet operation and superb light intensity and uniformity make this linear stroboscope suitable for use in the toughest production environments and for a wide range of measurement, observation and inspection functions. Typical applications include those in the printing, steel processing and label-printing industries.

Adjustable brightness and image sharpness allows the user to optimize the strobe based on ambient lighting conditions, flash rate, image size and other operating parameters, allowing the user to find the best balance between light intensity and image sharpness for every application.

The LS-18-LED is fitted with the ability to be controlled from two separate inputs with a toggle switch to select between the two. Flash rate can be controlled externally from a sensor or from a machine controller, or from a variety of optional control accessories that are detailed below.

LS-FCM Flash Control Module: A simple and inexpensive unit for controlling flash frequency. You simply insert this small control unit into one of the two inputs on the reverse side of the strobe.

LS-SCU Strobe Controller: For adjusting the flash frequency, phase shift, delay time and trigger divider. This unit is connected to the stroboscope by cable and provides the convenience of remote control if the stroboscope out of the line of sight or reach of the operators.


  • Extremely bright and uniform light distribution for web widths up to 20" (500mm) and wider.
  • Light intensity of 9000 Lux peak from 200 LEDs
  • Connections include two trigger inputs and one trigger output. Power can be connected in either of these three locations.
  • LEDs provide lifetime use and never require replacement.
  • Powered by 24 VDC, An optional universal AC-DC power supply is available.
  • For web widths greater than 20" (500mm), two or more strobes can be connected in parallel using the LS-CABLE-T. Each strobe would require it's own power supply.



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