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AnyView Microscope MV200UA-PL


MV200UA-PL Anyview USB Microscope with polarizer is a handheld color digital microscope with high quality 2.0Megapixel image sensor. It broke the conception of traditional microscope to realized these functions:video measure and calibration,image measure and calibration,conservation, copy, transfer image and video which are difficult for a traditional microscope.It is a small, easy to operate and portable fun for professional application.The MV200UA-PL has adjustable high magnification from 5x to 200x.TheMV200UA-PL is with the adjustable polarizer,you can adjust the amount of glare that reflects from what you are viewing, so you can see fine details of surfaces by fully or partially removing the reflection of semi-transparent materials like: jewelry, glass, or plastic. It is also ideal for examining highly reflective materials, such as metals or solder joints.The MV200UA-PL is with professional Anyview software functions:Video measure and calibration,image measure and calibration,snapshot,taking image etc.


●Handheld digital microscope.
●High speed access: USB2.0
●High resolution up to 2.0M Pixel:Excellent images
●Independently developed display software:Snapshot, Video record, Measure etc
●You can see the picture clearly in full screen of your PC