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Spring load automatic sorting test machine


This machine is a special equipment for batch rapid detection on spring production line, which is suitable for the final inspection of spring after heat treatment. It is mainly used for testing and sorting detection of spring mechanical properties.


The main application is in the production line. The preloading of the spring and the sorting of the test force can be performed, which is an essential test equipment for the rapid detection of the spring.


2.1 Structure and Sorting Principle

The machine is pneumatically loaded for three stations and the test speed is fast. The test station, test machine space, cylinder stroke and test speed of the machine can be set and adjusted.


The Panasonic AC servo motor and driver are connected to the precision planetary reducer to drive the indexing wheel to rotate intermittently. The first cylinder drives the pressure head to complete the preloading process; the second and third cylinders are simultaneously pressed and passed to the lower part through the spring. Precision load sensor. The sensor outputs a corresponding electrical signal , which is processed by the microcomputer , except for displaying the test force value,and simultaneously opening different outlets , so that the sorted spring falls into the corresponding pipe. When the turntable rotates to test the spring load , the former spring falls into the corresponding pipe. The sorting is continuously performed in sequence. The machine can be placed into the turntable by manual or automatic feeding , and all work is automatically performed by the microcomputer control. 


During operation, three cylinders can be selected for simultaneous loading, and the first cylinder acts as a preload to eliminate the residual stress of the spring. The second and third cylinders can be tested for two test loads.


Working order:

? put into the workpiece     

? Preload 

?The first force (F1) detection, equipped with a load sensor ,has a test force display function, and is highly positioned by mechanical means.    

? Second force (F2) detection, equipped with load sensor ,with test force display function, highly dependent on mechanical device for accurate positioning.       

The test result exit  ( the load group of F1 and F2 can be set arbitrarily , and can be defined as the qualified component grouping outlet and the unqualified outlet, and there are 5outlets.


2.2 beat control requirements:

In order to ensure the smoothness of the indexing and compression cycle, the beat control interlock protection is implemented. That is, the cylinder does not work when the table rotates. When the cylinder is working, the table cannot be rotated.


2.3 Electrical and Control Software

The use of the computer screen, WINDOWS operating system platform, using self-developed high-speed data acquisition card, an internationally renowned company operational amplifiers and A / D converter chip, the acquisition rate 20 million times / sec or more, to ensure the accuracy and real-time testing.


Based on the relational database, the control analysis software with completely independent intellectual property rights can perform real-time acquisition of test data for arithmetic processing, and can provide functions such as mass storage, retrieval, statistics and printing.


The main interface also displays the working status of the sorting machine, and displays test information such as test force, detection speed, and statistical conclusion of spring detection results in real time. With overload automatic alarm protection shutdown, beat control interlock protection. It can set data such as automatic stop of the connection box and automatic stop of continuous no-load. With man-machine dialogue function, the interface is friendly, concise, easy to operate and has the function of automatically maintaining after setting.


main parameters and technical indicators

? Sorting spring beats  1200 ~ 2000 pieces / hour (according to spring conditions)             

? Spring outer diameter 17 ~ 42 mm (according to user-supplied spring test parameters)                         

? Spring free height 15 ~ 80 mm                     

? Spring load range 20 ~ 1000N                     

? test force indication value relative error   ≤ ± 1.0% 

? test force indication value repeatability relative error≤1.0% 

? Compressed air pressure: 0.5 to 0.7Mpa


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